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MUPs Diversity and Inclusion Symposium - December 6-8, 2016

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln and the Lied Center for Performing Arts have taken a key leadership role at the beginning of this long term, multi-campus, national conversation on the role of performing arts centers to enhance diversity and inclusion.  The University of Nebraska's pledge from the highest levels of campus administration is: “Not Here, Not Now, Not Ever.”

While acknowledging we have much to learn and significant change will take time, enthusiastic responses from national thought leader faculty and administration of the MUPs campuses provide important momentum. We’ll begin the Symposium highlighting the work that’s already been accomplished on several campuses through a series of conversation clusters. 

Each Conversation Cluster will begin with presentations that will be video documented and uploaded at a later date to the Symposium website. Presentations will be followed by responses and comments from other participants (45 are expected). To encourage candid remarks, these discussion segments will purposely not be video-recorded.  Conversation Cluster Topics on Wednesday/Thursday will include:

  • University of Nebraska – Lincoln:  A case study.  Presentations by Chancellor Ronnie Green and Lance C. Perez, Associate Vice Chancellor and Dean at University of Nebraska-Lincoln

  • Why Diversity, Why Now, What Must We Do? Conceptual Frameworks for Diversity and Inclusion:  Mike Ross, Chris Benson, Associate Professor of Journalism and African-American Studies and Colleen Jennings-Roggensack. 

  • Case Study:  All In at Penn State, Tom Hogan, Professor of Practice, Human Resource Management, George Trudeau and Amy Dupain Vashaw, Center for the Performing Arts at Penn State

  • Connecting with Students:  Who are they?  How are we reaching them?  Maria Laskaris, Hopkins Center, Dartmouth, Aaron Shackelford, UNC Chapel Hill, Maureen Reagan, Krannert Center for the Performing Arts; Brian Jose & Student Affairs Representative, University of Florida

  • Connecting with Faculty – Charles Swanson and Michael Hill, University of Iowa; Annenberg Center Penn (African Roots, American Voices)

  • Partnerships – on and off Campus: Ken Fischer & Lester Monts, University of Michigan; Work with Native American communities:, Lied Center of Kansas

  • Performance by Nebraska students who’ve participated in a Lemon Anderson workshop, followed by a presentation by Lemon. 

  • Campus Reports; UC Berkeley, Stanford Live!, UCDavis; University of Washington

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