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Dartmouth Engagement Study

"The challenge of bringing young generations into the performing arts has been a perennial one for arts organizations. With access to online streaming media and personal entertainment devices, many of today’s students pass through their undergraduate years without having a meaningful experience in the arts. Yet new discoveries in learning sciences are revealing the importance of arts participation for creative thinking, cross-cultural understanding and personal enrichment. Due to their unique positioning in the arts landscape, campus-based arts presenters need to play a leading role in finding creative solutions for engaging this next generation in the performing arts. 
This website serves as a living student engagement resource for the presenting field. Arising from the results of a multi-campus research effort funded by The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, this site will develop and grow based on new initiatives and experiments across the country. Current available tools include research reports from WolfBrown, based on the responses of nearly 10,000 college students, case studies, a Call to Action for campus-based presenters, and best practices in student engagement." -Dartmouth Website

Visit the Hopkins Center Website for the full-study HERE

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